This time of year you want Fresh Hot Coffee – well in Montreal anyway…a hot sunny July day is another story and that seems far far away.

What about the visitors to your site?

Many of us SEOs know this…
You must offer them new, fresh, and if you can HOT content. Do you expect them to come back to time after time to find nothing new? Do you do it?

Many of us SEMs know this too…”Getting fresh content is a daunting task”

So many of us do this…”Try to think of what to write about”

Well why not try this? Let your clients tell you what to write about. They use your product or service. They know what they like, need, care about and could do without.
Why not take their ideas and thoughts and turn them into -FAQs -articles or -blog posts?

Better yet, why not…get them to write it for you?
Do I hear crickets chirping? Yes I said why not…get them to write it for you?

How? Make it worth their while. Offer them something. Think about what they need. You may be able to offer them something that is just as elusive to them as content is for you.

It may turn out to be easy for you to provide. It could be quite easy for them too. They only need to describe their experience. They only need talk about, or comment on, or describe using your product(s) or service(s), maybe how they found you, why they stay with you, even why they left their former supplier or provider.

Why not get yourself a fresh cup right now and come up with 5 or 10 ideas, and write them down. Then look them over to figure out which you can accomplish now, or in a month or in a year.

Don’t throw out the ideas you can’t do! Keep a file and one day when you’re stuck for ideas go through them and who knows maybe you will be able to do them then.

Thanks for your support, have a great weekend!