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Video – Website Usability Issue So Bad, That it
 Violates Google’s Adwords Policy

Google has publishes it policies to help us not run afoul you will find a link to it on the video landing page

Video Usability Issue so bad it violates Google's Adwords Policy


Video – Website Usability How to COMPLETELY MESS UP the Call to Action

In this video you’ll see:

1. Why Usability is Crucial to Your Website – 20 Seconds
2. What a Call to Action is – 30 Seconds
3. Website Review of Usability Issues Found – about 4 min.

Website Usability Video - Call to Action - Slide 1

Video – Do you Have SEO Questions? – Ask the SEO Experts Panel

Here are some of the very interesting questions we responded to:

  • New website design tends to be without sidebars – particularly with mobile. How do you handle UX & SEO.
  • Large internet listing services dominate the Google SERPs in the Real Estate industry (and others). How do I work around this?
  • We have 2 websites, one is informational the other is an commerce website. What strategy should we use to optimize them, should they be combined into one website or keep them separate?
  • Is content in an Iframe considered Duplicate content?
  • How do we handle MultiLingual SEO?

Screen Shot of SEO Expets Panel