Digital Human Centered Experience Design UX CX Usability

Conversions improve with better Human Centered Experience Design as users can then accomplish what you and they want on Mobile / Desktop Websites and APPs.

Here are some reasons users don’t convert:
• It takes time to find the right product
• Lengthy checkout process
• Need to create an account before purchase
• Not having easy option to pay

Compounding this is Mobile shoppers convert at a lower rate than desktop shoppers.

Taking steps to improve user experiences on your websites and APPs is a key to increasing micro and macro conversions.

Imagine if you could increase your ROI with your existing traffic?

This is just the start, much more to follow soon.

In the mean time here are some of my quick Usability videos:

Video – Usability Issue So Bad, That it
 Violates Google’s Adwords Policy

Video – How to COMPLETELY MESS UP the Call to Action on a Website – Website Usability Site Review