Video – How to COMPLETELY MESS UP the Call to Action on a Website – Website Usability Site Review

In this video you’ll see:

1. Why Usability is Crucial to Your Website – 20 Seconds
2. What a Call to Action is – 30 Seconds
3. Website Review of Usability Issues Found – about 4 min.

Rough transcript from the video…

Hi & welcome to this brief, In a Nutshell Video, on Website Usability.

Today’s video is a demonstration of “How to COMPLETELY MESS UP the Call to Action on a Website”

So lets get going in this video I will:

1. Why Usability is Crucial to Your Website – 20 Seconds
2. What a Call to Action is – 30 Seconds
3. Website Review of Usability Issues Found

The reason I want to explore Website Usability with you is because, how people feel about your brand and products or services is of course very important.

And weather you realize it or not, Website Usability can positively or negatively affect a person’s feelings towards your company. I have seen a person during a website usability test exclaim that they “hate the company” and that they would never “do business with them” all because they found working with the website too frustrating.

On every web page you should you want a visitor to do something which is the Call to Action for that page. The most obvious things would be to buy a product, or watch a video on given pages. It could be to fill in a form, or maybe just to read the information.

So a Call to Action should be on every web page and the Call to Action has to evident so it should be near the top of the page, if its buried below the bottom of the screen that someone has to scroll down to find, they likely won’t find it.

Site Review of Website Usability Issues

Ok I’m on the homepage of this website, on the left is this website’s Call to Action “Get Your 1st 3 Months Free” is it in fact in this area on every page of the website, so presumably this is a very important offer to this company, they want you to sign up because of this intriguing offer.

1st problem, you can’t click on the Icon to get to the 3 Month offer, it seems a bit odd to me as a website visitor, in fact I didn’t see the offer until I was on another page, this bundles page where there the Learn more button does not exist which is the 2nd issue so I was clicking on the icon with no luck so…

I went back to the home page where there is at least a learn more button, which took me some time to notice which is the 3nd Issue that the learn more button is in my opinion to far from the offer & the 4th issue, is it’s coming out the back of the girl’s head makes it hard to spot as well.

From your viewpoint watching this video it might seem the Learn More button is ok but when you are actually using the website it is less obvious. Ok 5th issue  is the label Learn More is not very compelling they should use something that better ties into the offer like “Get Your Free Months”

So if I finally click on the learn more button and guess what, it takes me back to the Bundles page oddly enough, and on this bundles page there is absolutely nothing to do with 3 Months Free, it is all about Bundles, zip nothing, about the 3 months offer anywhere. Do they want me to speak to a specialist?

So to me this website offers a really bad user experience on so may levels.

But most of all that you can’t reach the main offer on the website, which is the most important thing this company want you to do on their website.

Hope this video was of some help to you, there is an area for comments on the web page, and I would really like to read your thoughts and experiences, and perhaps continue the discussion there.

Also please feel free to share this video with only your best friends, and most respected colleagues.

My name is Greg Mate
Peace out from Montreal