SEO Mentoring in Montreal reaches worldwide

Now and again we all need a little help and other times allot of help.

Whatever and whenever your SEO problems, questions, challenges may be we are able to support you however you want. It could be a one off session to dig into your situation, or mentoring on an ongoing basis.

Each Mentoring session is like a mini-workshop.

The approach we take is to not only provide you with the solution(s) you need, but also you will be mentored with the goal of your being capable to handle the situation, or similar situations – in the future.

Contact us and we will develop a plan to meet your needs and budget.

*MENTORING PROGRAM – Included with SEO Training Workshops & Seminars:

Now you can enjoy stress free learning and SEO skill building complete with up to 6 months (dependent upon the training level you followed) of private mentoring program for ongoing support all included in the price of your regular tuition fee.

Mentoring included with SEO Training just that, it is mentoring that is only available solely for the individual that has fully completed the training purchased, and is intended to complement your training to help you apply your learning to specific questions/situations that arise or to help with strategy. Is to help with questions/situations that were covered in your training. It is not a form of ongoing training and will not cover/teach material from other seminars or workshops. For example graduates from the Basic SEO Workshop cannot expect help with techniques covered in the Advanced SEO Workshop.

This mentoring is limited to 1 hour per month, this mentoring time must be used within 6 months of the end of training, any unused portion of this mentoring is automatically forfeited without notice on and as of the date 6 months after the last day of training was completed.

This mentoring program is private and for only the person who attended the training, it is not a group session for colleagues etc of the attendee. The mentoring will be delivered by Greg Mate, it can be in the form of support by phone calls, e-mail, evaluating reports, visiting Web sites, etc., it is delivered at pre-scheduled meeting times (we however realize that emergencies to happen and every effort will be made to handle these situations urgently) this program is subject to change without notice, where specifically for each type of training:

1 Day Executive Masters in SEO Seminar includes – 1 hour of mentoring program,

2 Day Basic SEO Essentials Workshop includes – 2 hours of mentoring program,

2 Day Advanced SEO Workshop includes – 2 hours of mentoring program,

4 Day Complete SEO Mastery Workshop includes – 6 hours of mentoring program.