Customized Private SEO Training Courses Focused on Your Individual or Group Needs.

Custom SEO training in it’s very nature is designed to streamline the sessions addressing your specific concerns. It also protects your proprietary information.

The customized training can be held at our facilities, in-house at your place of business, or a destination of your choice.

Our workshops are very hands-on, affording you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in the context of your organization.

In seminars while there is not any work with tools, in a private session you are afforded more of an opportunity to interact with the trainer and have all of your questions dealt with immediately.

That said, in a private session could be a hybrid SEO seminar where some hands on work could be incorporated.

In private sessions we make great efforts to use real world examples and situations that are pertinent to your online marketing needs.

You need to take charge of this very important part of your online marketing strategy. Careful consideration is involved in targeted training on the subjects that are relevant to you.

After attending our customized SEO sessions, your staff will have the knowledge they need, as well as a plan to implement what they’ve learned for the benefit of your organization.

Customized Internet Marketing Training – Real Advantages, Real Results

  • Search Engine Academy’s customized search engine optimization workshops are tailored to your organization.
  • You can select from our standard topics or ask for sessions on certain aspects of internet marketing that you are curious about or struggling with.
  • We gear our training to the needs of your staff and to their level of expertise.
  • From there, we customize the level to make sure that we are speaking your language.
  • After all, customized Search engine optimization workshops are of little value if they are too simple, too complex or not intensive enough for your staff.
  • In other words we don’t tell you what will be taught, you tell us what you need to learn.
  • In fact you may have departments that require different seo courses targeted to their functions.
  • Only after analyzing your requirements will we custom assemble the class sessions specifically for your organization.
  • We consult with you about which aspects of search engine optimization you need training on.
  • Then we prepare an agenda for the workshop, based on your schedule and availability.
  • Because our sessions are so focused on you, you get help for the issues that are relevant to you.
  • We provide the hand out materials.

Take the Training In-House – Enjoy Training at Your own Place at Your own Pace!

  • Learn it in house – no need to travel or attend sessions with people from other companies.
  • People feel comfortable being trained in a familiar environment with their peers
  • Our expert trainers deliver the workshop in an environment you are comfortable in.
  • You can have a group trained without having to pay and organize excessive travel to some faraway training facility or local transportation
  • People can attend individual sessions specific to their needs
  • While assembling a localized meeting with worldwide staff is great time to schedule training sessions.

Who Benefits Most from Customized Online Marketing Training?

  • Anyone who needs to discuss your Website in detail (as a group) and in private unlike in public sessions
  • Anyone who needs to learn search engine optimization in a more personalized way than a general course can deliver.
  • Anyone who needs to learn in a few hours or days what would take months to learn online.
  • Anyone with specialized/departmentalized needs.
  • Anyone with time constraints.

We can divide your your training into sessions matching your requirements, even separating into multiple days:

  • Hourly sessions
  • 1/2 Day sessions
  • Full Day sessions
  • Multi-Day sessions

Here are some examples of how you can use our customized SEO workshops:

  • Search Engine Optimization 101 – how Search Engines and SEO works
  • Introduction to keyword research tools for beginners
  • Advanced keyword strategies for more experienced staff
  • Specialized sessions for the departments in your organization, e.g. “technical” subjects for the IT department
  • Intense content development lessons for copywriters
  • Content development
  • Web site structure, Design & Usablity
  • Other methods of driving traffic to your site – articles, blogs other social media.
  • Link building
  • Web Analytics
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Marketing – Google Adwords

Contact Greg Mate today to discuss customized search engine optimization workshops for your company.