Video – Do you have Questions about SEO? Ask the SEO Experts – a SEO Panel Fielding Questions in a Free Webinar

Video - Ask the SEO Experts - SEO Panel Fielding Questions in a Webinar

Here are list of the SEO questions asked:

  • New website design tends to be without sidebars – particularly with mobile. How do you handle UX & SEO.
  • Large internet listing services dominate the Google SERPs in the Real Estate industry (and others). How do I work around this?
  • How do I get my youtube video to be #1 on google search results?
  • We have 2 webites, one is informational the other is an commerce website. What strategy should we use to optimize them, should they be combined into one website or keep them separate?
  • How to we market training we offer locally, versus online training we also offer?
  • How do you think Google will evolve in the next 5 to 10 years, and how will that effect the SEO.
  • Should we be doing link building for our Youtube Channel?
  • Is content in an Iframe considered Duplicate content?
  • How do we handle MultiLingual SEO?