Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Workshops & Seminars – Montreal Based – Training Worldwide.

Check out this 7 minute Video which will give you an idea of the type of in person hands on SEO training you will receive.

People all over the world seek out our SEO Training for a variety of reasons

  • They get that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an economical and effective way to attract new business.
  • They also understand the importance of learning a systematic method from experts in the field.
  • They want to learn fast in small group sizes where their questions are answered and problems resolved.

Because SEO can be a daunting task we designed SEO Workshops and Seminars to provide you with better results

Stemming from the complex nature of SEO, you will benefit from the SEO WORKSHOP approach where during the sessions you work hands on with the tools we use on your web pages in the 2 Day, 2 Day, and 4 Day SEO Training (4 Day Workshop combines the two 2 Day Workshops into one).

Similarly traditional seminars will give you tidbits of (often good) information. But what and when do you do with it? You don’t know how to put it all together and often important aspects get lost in the shuffle.

Instead in the 1 Day Executive Masters’ in SEO SEMINAR you will follow almost the same material as the 4 Day Workshop but without the hands on use of the tools.

Which is great if you are not going to be the “SEO”. This means you will have the full Basic to Advanced knowledge and engage in discussions at a NON-TECHNICAL level that enables you to be involved and on top of things web in your organization.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle which is why in our 2 Day Basic SEO Essentials Workshop and 1 Day SEO Seminar we give you a step by step plan of attack and the skills to succeed.

SEO work can be daunting without a good plan and a good strategy

It is a well know fact (in the SEO community) that Google looks at over 200 signals to determine were your page will be ranked.

So it doesn’t matter line industry you are in, just keeping track of such a large number or things can be a chore if not impossible without a plan and:

  • Unless you have a system, a well defined process
  • Unless you know what makes a difference
  • Unless you know what needs to be done and how to do it right and
  • Unless you know what will get you in trouble

then SEO can be a daunting task.

SEO is made up of marketing, web analytics and technical aspects of search engines, to content strategies and more:

  • SEO involves a lot of which are small tasks that, when done right, can bring big results through improved search engine rankings.
  • Because SEO takes time and effort many companies outsource their SEO, at added expense.
  • Proper knowledge of SEO is rare enough that the SEO results many companies are often not what expected.

Instead businesses seeking to gain control of their online marketing and save money are learning to do their own SEO. You can too.

Fortunately SEO involves knowledge and creativity, both of which are learn-able and actionable and we are anxious to share with you.

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Executive Masters’ in SEO Seminar – some call it a boot camp – all say no “mumbo jumbo” please.

(Ok, yes I know, we have a seminar. Its in addition to the workshops, but this is different than most seminars in that this is a synthesis of the 4 day workshop, we just strip out all the technical details and the class time spent working on websites to come up with this action packed boot camp like day.)

This seminar will prepare you to be able to talk the talk.

This seminar is geared for you if you don’t need the technical skills but you need to get SEO explained in a language you can understand. Don’t worry, this is not a dry boring day of someone droning on and on, its is allot of info you will be thrilled to take away with you, and you’ll have a few laughs too.

You need to be able to deal with and understand SEO companies as well as Web designers and marketers that may be part of your organization or not.

Unfortunately some SEO companies are not forthcoming about the actual techniques they use in their SEO strategies leaving the client with poor results, and all too often in trouble with the search engines.

In easy to understand language, this 1 day seminar will give you the wisdom needed
to help safeguard your website and your company from getting into trouble with SEO.

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