Web Analytics is Key in Determining How Visitors are Interacting with Your Website.

Properly set up Analytics can reveal a Strengths, Weaknesses and Flaws in a Website.

All websites must have goals, likewise all pages must have a goal. Successfully tracking whether those goals are accomplished or not is how on even non-e-commerce sites one can ascertain a return on investment.

Most Website Analytics Reports we see state little else than the number of visitors, the page views and time on site.

But wouldn’t it be helpful to know what they are doing on your site?

How many people are watching your video, or downloading your spec sheets? Or if no one is?

Standard Analytics reports – which is what most SEOs and Web Designers provide their web clients – are meaningless.

They list things like (monthly for example) visits, the unique visits, the time on site, the bounce rate, and lots of other basic information.

Information that the client, the management who is trying to decide if the site is effective at communicating with visitors, cannot make heads or tails of to find any information of value or that enhances decision making capabilities.

Analytics properly set up based on your business goals, will provide you with a more complete picture you need to assess those Strengths, Weaknesses and Flaws in your Website.

Setting up Analytics, producing monthly reports with analysis, is something we provide for our web design & seo consulting clients – we want to know how a website is preforming just as much as the client does. We also provide Analytics as a “stand alone service”.