Google Adwords – PPC – SEM – Sponsored Ads – Breaking Through the Clutter & Getting Cost Effective Results

20-30% of Every Click is on the Paid Ads on Displayed on Search Engines – Are You Getting Your Share?

Of course Organic Search Engine Results are Crucial to success online.

But with up to 1/3rd of the clicks going to paid ads, it is a segment on Internet marketing that if done well is is an effective component of today’s marketing mix.

Key is getting the right clicks at the lowest price possible. Makes sense right?

The approach we take is to painstakingly target each of your product & service niches with landing pages, keywords and ads that not only encourage clicks from potential clients, but also at the lowest price possible – and why not?

Did you know that if your “quality score” is poor you will pay a higher price for a click for the same person your competitor did but pay more for it?

And that is plain bad for the bottom line.