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Website Design & SEO

Web Development with Integrated SEO & Internet Marketing Web Page Ranking or Placement are Increasingly Sought After, and its high time as it has SEO has historically been an afterthought.

Doesn’t it make sense that increasing targeted traffic to your web pages is fundamental to success in marketing online and should be a key component of any design or redesign efforts?

Below is a sitemap of the web design pages you will find on this site.

Sample Web Design & Seo Client Portfolio

This is a sample of some Web Development, Design and SEO Consulting sites we have worked on.

A few have withstood the of test of time a few others are in their 2nd iterations – a few more are finally going through redesigned as we speak – like this site that was finally redesigned in Feb 2014 from it’s first iteration in 2006, yup you know what they say about the cobbler’s own shoes…

SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting means an Integrated Completely Custom Internet Marketing Strategy.

In ruff strokes, the road to a successful SEO campaign begins with understanding your business and your industry and ends with an integrated completely custom internet marketing strategy…

SEO Mentoring in Montreal

Now and again we all need a little help and other times allot of help.

Whatever and whenever your SEO problems, questions, challenges may be we are able to support you however you want. It could be a one off session to dig into your situation, or mentoring on an ongoing basis.

SEO workshop graduates also receive Private Mentoring as part of their training…

Web Analytics SEO

Web Analytics is Key in Determining How Visitors are Interacting with Your Website.

Properly implemented Analytics can reveal a Strengths, Weaknesses and Flaws in a Website.

All websites must have goals or KPIs…

PPC Pay Per Click Ads Google Adwords

Organic is king with 70% of the clicks in the SERPS, but SEM or Paid Search should be a part of an Internet Marketing Strategy.

The problem most advertisers and their agencies make is to not optimize PPC campaigns for conversions at lower costs…