Search Engine Optimization Training Course Outlines

Sessions & Materials are Constantly Updated.

These sessions are designed to take all the guesswork and stresses out of SEO

You will leave with The SEO Latest Techniques, a Simplified Process and a Depth of Knowledge:

  • Apply the techniques on your webpages during the workshop practical sessions
  • Return to the office knowing your next & future steps
  • Enjoy the Small group sizes and having individual attention and all your questions answered
  • Gain a clear understanding of any SEO issues and how to deal with them.

SEO Course Outlines:

The 4-Day Certified COMPLETE SEO Training Workshop Consists of:

  • Combining the 2-Day Basic SEO Training Workshop with the 2-Day Advanced SEO Training Workshop into a 4 Day Powerful immersion in SEO
  • Saving money with a bundled price for the 2 Workshops combined
Learn search engine marketing strategies from the Basics all the way through the Advanced Strategies for a total immersion in SEO for 4 days. Please review the Basic SEO & Advanced SEO Agendas above for detailed course information.

Why Advanced Level SEOs should consider the Complete 4-days of SEO training, if:

    • they have not had formal training; perhaps studied online; hopefully attend a number of SEO conferences,
    • as they will still appreciate finally learning those missing elements to connect the dots only the Basic SEO Training Workshop can offer
    • of course some sessions of the Basic Workshop may be a review, but we often forget some of the little things that make a difference in SEO success
    • is a great an opportunity to Get a step by step method & hone your skills
    • and you will certainly grab some nuggets of gold that will make the extra investment well worthwhile.

AGENDA – Certified BASIC SEO Training Workshop – Day 1 of 2

Focus: Learn our step by step, stress free system for gaining top Web visibility and exposure. This 2 day session is geared for
  • The beginner, or someone who wants a no nonsense Trusted Certified Training covering all the SEO Fundamentals.
  • The self taught SEO in need of formal Certified Training, and a solid grounding in the fundamentals
  • The SEO newbie ready to get actionable training,
  • The Business Owner or Marketing Professional who realizes the importance of Internet marketing knowledge and wants the detailed & technical training,
  • The Web Designer who’s clients are demanding more than a great looking site, they want results too
(Is the Basic SEO Training Workshop “right” for you? Take this Basic SEO Training Prerequisite Quiz to find out.)
  • 8:45 AM Registration
  • SEO Fundamentals – this 1 hour session is the bedrock which we will continue to build on over the 2 days.
  • Discover our 6-step system for gaining top rankings in major search engines using the system Greg Mate personally uses.
  • Stress Free System Overview – Stop stressing and begin to get results right away.
  • Why this system will work for you and how it will work for you.
  • Demonstration of Steps 1 through 6 cover a variety of topics in a specific order for maximum impact.
    • Learn how to determine exactly what your ideal buying audience is searching for.
    • Learn how to tap into windows of opportunities nearly instantly without stress.
    • Learn the most powerful insider uses of the keyword research tools
    • Class practice time
    • Step by step guidance on how to create content and in what order
    • Examples of what type of content works best
    • How to gain maximum advantage from your Web copy
    • Class practice time
    • How to quickly optimize your pages without fooling with code for hours
    • Class practice time
    • Review all of the ways to get your pages indexed by search engines.
    • Learn the most effective ways to get your pages submitted and accepted.
    • Submission tips and order sequence
    • How to monitor and benchmark your Web visibility
    • Class practice time
  • Getting more than your fair share of traffic
  • Class practice time
Answer questions, and complete student progress evaluation.

End of Day #1 Basic SEO Training

AGENDA – Basic SEO Training Workshop – Day 2

Focus: Search Engine Processes
  • Recap of pervious day & answer questions
  • How to stay out of trouble with the search engines.
  • Introduction to Links & SEO
  • What’s working right now with link reputation.
  • How to build legitimate link popularity.
  • Google Zoo – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc Algorithms
  • The Power of working with Blogs
    • How Blogs work and advantages of Blogging strategies
  • Local SEO
  • Creativity in SEO
  • Review of Participants’ Web Sites
  • Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.
  • Final Exam & Certification Awards

End of 2-Day Basic Training SEO Workshop

AGENDA – Certified ADVANCED SEO Workshop – Day 1 of 2

(Is the Advanced SEO Workshop “right” for you? Take this Advanced SEO Prerequisite Quiz to find out.)

Focus: Advanced Keyword Research – Google Analytics & Search Console, Major Google Algorithms
  • 8:45 AM Registration 
  • 9:00 AM Morning Session Begins
  • Welcome and Introduction of Participants
  • Advanced Keyword Forensics (Behavioral Trend Analysis)
    • You may “think” you know how to research keywords, but you’ll learn how much you really don’t know in this intense session that deals with choosing targeted keywords for your Web pages.
    • Build your Lateral Thinking Skills – You’ll learn how to think of alternate routes if the logical path isn’t effective, and you’ll learn how to think “outside of the box,” and watch lateral thinking convert to traffic and sales for your site.
    • (New session) “Keyword forensics” how to discover hidden evidence of search behaviors
  • Sponsored Search (PPC) Online Advertising
  • Advanced Google Analytics & Class Time
  • Advanced Search Console & Class Time
  • Google Algorithm Rollouts :Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird etc.
  • Video SEO
  • Mobile Search & SEO
  • Web Site Reviews
    • Students are each given a review for one of their sites on the big screen
    • Multiple suggestions and guidance for improving your visibility
    • Many new ideas and enhancements often originate from these sessions of high value brainstorming
Answer questions, and student progress evaluation.

End of Day 1

AGENDA – CERTIFIED Advanced SEO Workshop – Day 2

Focus: Search Engine Processes and Advanced SEO Strategies Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions
  • Recap of previous day, Q&A
  • Structured Data and its implications for SEO
  • Personalization of Search and the major implications for SEO
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) What it is and how to take advantage
    • Example of how powerful NLP strategies are
  • Tool Demo
  • Advanced Local Search, recent algorithm update and its effect on SEO
  • Understanding Site Technical Issues
  • Competitive Intelligence for SEO
  • Advanced Creativity
  • Social Media, for SEO
  • Review of Bonus Handout Material:
    • Information Architecture
    • Persuasive Copy Writing For The Web
    • Press Releases & SEO
    • Tips for the Professional SEO
  • Web Site Reviews – Remainder of attendees get their Web site expertly reviewed along with a group brainstorming which will give you many new ideas for visibility and exposure.
  • Review period
  • Certification Exam
  • Grad Photos!!

End of Day #2 Advanced SEO Workshop

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AGENDA – Executive Masters’ in SEO Seminar - 1 Day Session

Focus: Stress free overview of Internet marketing from to Basic & Advanced Topics This 1 day seminar is geared for:
  • The Business Owner, Executive, Marketing Professional, Manager, Business Coach or CPA who:
    • realizes the importance of (and hence the need for) Internet marketing knowledge,
    • but does not need technical training in order to do the day to day work
    • needs to knowledgeably deal & communicate with Web & SEO professionals
  • The beginner, or anyone who wants a no nonsense seminar covering all the SEO Fundamentals and all the latest Advanced Topics from the ground up.
  • The busiest of people – time is money so 1 Day is perfect – we won’t waste any of yours
  • Registration 8:45 AM
  • SEO Fundamentals – this important 1 hour session is the bedrock upon which we will continue to build upon all day:
    • What is SEO
    • Organic Vs Paid Search
    • How do Search Engines work
    • What is Spam
    • What is Grey & Black Hat SEO
    • Has SEO really changed since the last major Google updates?
  • What are Keywords and how to use them
  • What is Web Content & what type works best
  • How to Easily Optimize a web page
  • How to Drastically Improve the number of clicks to your pages
  • The Advanced topics:
    • How to get Actionable Reports from the Web Guys
    • Using Search Engine’s & Artificial Intelligence to your advantage – a deeper dive into how Search Engine’s work and how to take advantage of that
    • What are links and what is their importance
    • Blogging and the benefits of doing it right
    • Creativity in Web Marketing
    • Social Media & SEO
Register now and get into the game fast. Four of the Benefits:
  • in 1 Day become versed & understand the methodology and industry terminology
  • in 1 Day be able to communicate and understand ideas and concepts with web designers
  • in 1 Day be able to keep a watchful eye on your web team or outsourced firm
  • in 1 Day be able to update your resume boasting of much sought after knowledge

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Have a Quick Look at some of the benefits of our SEO Training:

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      • Start building genuine top ranking SEO skills in just a few hours of hands-on instruction from SEO industry leader Greg Mate
      • Master SEO with a 6-month mentoring* program at no extra cost for ongoing support (included only with the 4-Day Complete Workshop)
      • Learn in real time working directly on your company’s Web Site during the workshops