SEO Consulting means an Integrated Completely Custom Internet Marketing Strategy

In ruff strokes, the road to a successful SEO campaign begins with understanding your business and your industry and ends with an integrated completely custom internet marketing strategy.

The role of an SEO Consultant or Adviser?

So you need an SEO Consultant? What should you expect?

Our philosophy is that the client will receive actionable data and advice, which means they can then carry out the specific changes we recommend to improve their internet marketing efforts.

Actionable Data – Analyzing Outcomes are Key to Determining Your Success or Failure Online

Most people are focused only on website Rankings, which are important, for without appearing high on the search results you will not get a great deal of traffic.

But the real objective of any marketing effort is typically is to engage in some form of interaction with targeted visitors. You must see if and what visitors are up to while on your site.

Every page on your website must have a goal. You need to be sure your visitors are they doing the important things (goals) you want them to do like make a purchase, download a white paper, watch a video, or sign up for your newsletter.

Only by setting & monitoring these goals can you see if your goals are being met or not. If they are not met you know that changes are clearly needed.

The result is Actionable Data, data that you can Act Upon to improve your internet marketing efforts.

Don’t forget to account for the Sales Cycle on your website

A common mistake some marketers make is trying to do and measure everything at once. They don’t realize that like the sales cycle, and you must meet the requirements of (potential) clients at wherever stage they are in the buying process.

Maximize your Return on Investment

Your resources are finite, by identifying the factors will bring the greatest results for the least amount of resources we help you maximize your ROI.

One size does not fit all

No two companies are identical, let alone two industries, so when it comes to the cost of a campaign a cookie cutter approach does not make sense.

Instead an estimate based on the complexity, or competitiveness of the landscape is more realistic.

Keep an Eye on What Your SEO is Doing

If you don’t know what your supplier is doing, chances are they don’t either.

As SEO educators as well, we are in a unique position to be able to mentor our consulting and web design clients.

If our clients know what we need to do, and we know our clients goals, we are well on the way to success.

Unfortunately we all to often hear of “SEOs” that keep their clients in the dark claiming a magical mystical process which usually turns out to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors or worse out of date grey or Black Hat SEO techniques.

We only employ state of the art White Hat SEO techniques. This safeguards your website and keeps your marketing efforts from being wasted on dangerous short term gains which usually ends tragically.

Remember Guaranteed 1st place ranking placement is impossible, while we are confident our clients will be successful as a result of our consultations, Search Engine Optimization is part art and part science, so as always please beware of anything that is to good to be true.

Instead look for a well defined Website Process:

Technical Analysis
Content Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Baseline reporting (Traffic, Conversions)