Want to Write Effective Web Copy? Then Increase Your Customer Focus

To Get Your Message Across, You Must Write Web Copy Focused on Your Customer, Instead of Just About Your Products or Services.

What’s in it for ME? Experts in writing copy say “Don’t tell me how good you are, tell me what you are going to do for ME.”

The Me-Meter is an effective and easy to use (and free) online tool to instantly analyze your current web page’s content or content you are still working on.

How the ME METER Tool Rates Your Customer Focus Score

The number of times ME or I etc. are counted is then compared to the number of times YOU or YOUR etc. are used giving you a score from 0 to 100%.

Enter your company name as found in your text for it to be included in the “ME” count since a mention of your company name is a mention of yourself.

EXCELLENT – Customer Focus is 70% or above
GOOD – Customer Focus is between 50-70%
POOR – Customer Focus is less than 50%

For example we ran the ME-METER tool on the text of this page & the customer focus score was: 64% which is GOOD. But there are a bunch of extra “ME”s on the page throwing off the stats.

Normally if a score was 60% which is in the GOOD range, the customer focus should still be improved to increase your conversions.

If the score was say 30% which is in the POOR range, we would need to increase the customer focused words & decrease the self-focused words.

If the score was say 80% which is in the EXCELLENT we can now leave this page alone & run the ME-METER on the other text to see if improvements are needed there.

What Else Can You Do with the Me-Meter?

Test your text even before its published, just Copy and Paste any text into the Text Box in the form above to test it prior to your taking it live.

In depth applications of the Me Meter tool are demonstrated in our SEO Training Seminars and Workshops, not only as it relates to your webpage text, but also your web page titles and descriptions which will not only further improve your customer focus, it will increase your web traffic as well.

Did you find it helpful (hopefully) or easier to think more about the customer focus of your web content, we would really like to hear from you so please send your us before and after ME-METER scores?

To use the ME METER Tool simply paste your url or text in the fields below and press Submit to get your Score.