Walking Map from Beaconsfield Train Station to Search Engine Academy Montreal SEOWondering how to get to SEO Training in Montreal? Turns out the train is fast & simple.

With the current traffic tie ups in Montreal due to road work I have been taking allot more public transport to and from Downtown Montreal.

Train travel is my favorite although while the times are not always the most convenient as there is certainly a lack of trains at off peak hours.

Our office is only a 7 minute walk to the Beaconsfield Train Station.

So I thought I would have a look at the timing of the train to and from Lucien L’Allier Station in Montreal to our Beaconsfield SEO Courses to see if it was convenient and was pleasantly surprised that it is!

Train departs Downtown 7:50 AM & arriving in Beaconsfield at 8:20 AM.

Train departs Beaconsfield  5:12 PM & arriving in Downtown at 5:45 PM.

The cost is around $6 in each direction – its easiest to buy your tickets for both directions at the Lucien L’Allier Station downtown.

It is then a 7 minute walk to our building if the back door on Amherst Road is open it’s even faster (the 8 minute walk on the Google map below is messed up).

If the weather is bad we will make arrangements to drive you to or from the station.

The Montreal Lucien L’Allier Station is also on the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro making access.

Of course there are other stops along the way:
Vendome 7:56 AM
Montreal-West 8:02 AM
Lachine 8:08 AM
Dorval 8:11 AM
here is a link to the full montreal train schedule – in French only (sorry).

DRIVE to Beaconsfield

We are less than 15 minutes drive (17.4km or 10.8 miles) from the Montreal – Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (formerly Dorval Airport).

We are 30-45 minutes drive (28km or 17.4 miles) from Downtown Montreal.

TRAIN Montreal to Beaconsfield

We are a 5 minute walk from the Beaconsfield Train Station – if its really bad weather we can arrange to pick you up.

It is a easy 30 minute train ride to and from Downtown Montreal & our Beaconsfield location.

the departure point form Downtown Montreal is the Lucien L’Allier Station (on the Orange Metro Line) to the Beaconsfield Train Station.

To Beaconsfield – The train departs Lucien L’Allier at 7:50 AM and arrives 8:20 AM at the Beaconsfield Train Station.

To Downtown Montreal – The train departs Beaconsfield Train Station 5:12 PM to return to Montreal for 5:45 PM at the Lucien L’Allier Station.

METRO & TRAIN to Beaconsfield

Take the Orange line to the Lucien L’Allier Station and take the train as noted above.

BUS (& METRO) to Beaconsfield

The 211 Bus stops 5 minute walk away from our Beaconsfield office here are links to the Eastbound (to Montreal from Beaconsfield) & Westbound (to Beaconsfield from Montreal) pages:

211 WEST – Bus stop Beaconsfield / Saint-Charles (58475)

211 EAST – Bus stop Beaconsfield / Saint-Charles (58473)