Due to popular demand we are thrilled to let you all know that Certified SEO classes will be held in Downtown Montreal November 15-18, 2016 (looks like in Place Ville Marie, but awaiting final confirmation).

Early Bird Pricing is in effect until Oct 31, 2016.

These are hands-on Workshop format courses, not seminars, you will work with SEO tools and on your webpages current or new) in class.

The class size is limited to 6 Students to be sure there is enough and that you can have your questions answered.

Photo of SEO Workshop Grads Catherine & Wayne

Certified Basic SEO Training WORKSHOP (2 Days)

The Basic SEO course covers all the basic essentials and is a great foundation for newbies and for those in the digital marketing industry but without formal training or a significant amount of experience.

We start at the very basics and quickly move into techniques and practical application.

The 6 Step System guides you though the process and ensures nothing is missed.

This 2 day session is geared for:

  • The Beginner, or someone who wants a no nonsense Trusted Certified Training covering all the SEO Fundamentals.
  • The self taught SEO in need of putting all the pieces together and getting all the missing knowledge.
  • The SEO newbie ready to get actionable training.
  • The Business Owner or Marketing Professional who realizes the importance of Internet marketing knowledge and wants the detailed & technical training.
  • The Web Designer who’s clients are demanding more than a great looking site, they want conversions too.

There is an exam if one wishes to become certified a grade of 76 or greater is needed to pass. Click here to view a sample Basic SEO Exam

Certified Advanced SEO Training WORKSHOP (2 Days)

Your path to becoming an expert SEO continues here.

The Advanced SEO class builds on the topics in the Basic SEO Workshop covering advanced techniques and tools needed for those highly competitive terms.

This 2 day class is geared for

  • Basic SEO Graduates Ready to Progress to the SEO Mastery Level.
  • You have a solid grounding in SEO from working as an SEO.
  • You need to begin generate traffic for Highly Competitive Search Terms.
  • The self taught Advanced SEO in Need of Formal Certified Training.
  • This Advanced Level SEO Workshop covering all the Current Topics (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) and Techniques.
  • You ready to Take your Website(s) to the Next Level & Get Skills for Top Rankings.
  • Business Owners or Executives & Marketing Professionals who require a High level of detailed & technical Internet marketing knowledge.
  • The Web Designer who’s want to offer their clients a complete solution.

There is an exam if one wishes to become certified a grade of 76 or greater is needed to pass. Click here to view a sample Advanced SEO Exam

Certified Complete SEO Training WORKSHOP (4 Days)

The Complete SEO Training is a bundle of the Basic & Advanced SEO Workshops. You will save money buying them this way (bundled) and can take the classes 4 days in a row to quickly get your skills , or break the days up if you like.

Some people enjoy the full immersion in 4 days, others like to have time in between to work on the material, or if work commitments do not allow for a 4 day in a row absence.

  • This is a Complete Immersion in SEO for a full 4 days.
  • This is one of the most popular workshops for the ability to be trained and Certified in SEO so fast.
  • You also Save when you Combine the two 2 Day Workshops into this 4 Day class.
  • Even advanced SEOs will profit from the techniques unlocked & detailed SEO Fundamentals often overlooked in Basic Workshop & the 6 Step SEO Process.
  • Local, Canadian, US & International attendees enjoy the 4 day session to quickly get up to speed.

Here is a link to all the workshop agendas

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Feel free to get in touch with me with questions by email or phone 514-426-4000.