It took 3 months, well more like 9 years and 3 months, but really in the 1st 9 years I only thought about doing what was FINALLY done in the last 3 months which was we UPDATED THIS WEBSITE!!

The one big change other than the look and feel is that we added pages about the other website services we offer like:

that we did not promote here before.

The other big change is it this site uses Responsive Design Website, meaning the web site resizes for ease of use on all devices from desktop to mobile (tablet and smart phone) devices.

For the time being the home page is still mostly about the SEO training but expect that to transition into a more general page as we now have an interior page dedicated to SEO training

The site is by no means finished we still have another video testimonial to add here along with some other written testimonials and student photos too.

Hopefully we won’t wait over 10 years to update the design again.