If you are a new SEO, you may not yet have realised the amount of work involved in planning, implementing and maintaining an effective internet marketing campaign.

I’ve often heard people say with every step it seems to lead to more work, more research.

So in an attempt to make life a little easier for you, we are amassing resources to help lessen some of the workload on a page entitled Valuable SEO Internet Search Marketing Resources, Tips Plus Tools.

One resource is a link is a Free Keyword Research Tool by WordTracker. Enter a keyword and this quick tool provides up to 100 results:

  • The keywords are updated twice a week
  • Total sample size is 300 million metacrawler queries from the last 90 days
  • You can click on a word and dig down into the long tail

Another resource, is a link to sign up for our very popular Free SEO Tip of the Day by SearchEngineAcademy.ca that we email worldwide every day. The tips are just that, quick easy to read pieces of treasure you can apply to your sites right away.

This page will evolve over time, if you have any tools you think would be of help, please feel free to let us know contact Search Engine Academy.

Remember to use your time wisely. We have seen resources – like a keyword tool – eat through chunks of ones day. Keep focused.

Have a great week! Greg