At yesterday’s (very successful) SEO 101 Basics Seminars we delivered for some of Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada’s client’s (more on this in another post soon) Barry told of delicate situations that can arise if your PPC ad winds up on a page with negatively related content.

The example he used was a Travel Agent’s PPC ad being on a page telling of a disaster.

Well last night while waiting (and waiting) for the plane back to Montreal I read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) found their recruitment PPC ad on the site of an allegedly notorious street gang in LA.

It seems the PPC ad was programmed to run on youth sites.

Of course as soon as they were told of the mix up, the PPC ad, along with the smiling face of a female RCMP officer, was promptly removed.

Just goes to show you, crime doesn’t pay.

Have a great day, Greg