Why can you learn more and faster than at a Seminar?

By Greg Mate
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No doubt that workshops and seminars are two different beasts, yet they attempt to achieve the same results – to inform and teach the paying customers. The seminar speakers and workshop instructors contain a great deal of knowledge. Yet due to its subtle weaknesses the seminar is no match for the workshop.

While not all Workshops are equal, they are generally limited to a small number of people or “participants”. Ideally the group should be small enough to allow for a great deal of “student” participation and personalizing of the material and teaching.

Seminars tend to last 2 or 3 days in an auditorium like venue where several expert keynote speakers give speeches on a given topics. Usually there is a brief question and answer period following the speech. With attendees to each topic often in the hundreds, it is not always possible to have your questions answered.

Typically the workshop can last from one day to five days with expert instructors interacting with the workshop participants in a classroom atmosphere.

At both the seminar and the workshop several different topics are scheduled each day. In a seminar one must choose which topics to attend often missing out on topics of interest. However in a workshop attendees are expected to attend and participate fully in all topics.

While in theory, the seminar, having hundreds or thousands of attendees with similar interests congregating offers the potential for a great trading of ideas, the impersonal nature of the seminar tends to limit this. Other than on there own at breaks or lunches attendees are not given the opportunity to discuss and interact.

At workshops participants are expected to interact with the instructors, each other and with the material presented to them. Indeed questions are welcomes and answered while projects and even homework (imagine) can be assigned.

Workshops tend to be hands-on; participants are actually applying with the new knowledge, putting it to work with the instructors there to provide guidance and feedback right away.

Often friendships and working relationships are formed as the participants share in the learning of topics of similar interests, concerns and problems.

After attending a seminar or workshop individuals often feel inspired or invigorated hoping to make use of the newly acquired knowledge. The workshop attendees having already worked with the material in the classroom should be in a better position to do just that.

Whether the topics you want to learn are offered in a seminar or workshop format, as you will invest a great deal of time and perhaps money – between the event itself and even travel and lodging – be certain to explore all your options and the content offered deeply.

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Good luck with all of your business, online and offline.

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