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By Greg Mate
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CBS EVENING NEWS Offers Lessons in Internet Marketing Outside the Box

Where will the Internet take us? Hmm, sounds a bit like on old Microsoft slogan. But who is driving? The net, or other media? There are interesting 3 stories in the news about how TV is/plans to make use of the Internet. This is the 1st of 3 articles to explore how these stories relate to Internet (Search Engine) Marketing.

The first ever live Internet simulcast of network evening news broadcast will take place Tuesday, Sept. 5 (6:30-7:00 PM, ET/PT) – at the writing of this. The CBS EVENING NEWS has timed the event with the debut of Katie Couric on the news program.

While historic, some question the need for such a product and wonder if anyone save for expatriates will be interested to watch the evening news on a computer monitor. It brings nothing new to the table, they say. I say what is not interesting to some is of great interest to another – even if they are expatriates or travellers.

So how many Internet views will there be? A few thousand? For half an hour? Hello! Can you say good sticky eyeballs? A few thousand viewers for half an hour!! What does that translate into in Internet Marketing? Well according to Nielsen/NetRatings that would put it in the top 40 of US websites for amount of time spent online.

It seems that those wondering about the “need” don’t understand that content, especially unique content drives Internet traffic, and that Internet traffic equals money website owners (CBS) and to advertisers.

Getting back to the audience size for a minute, how could CBS turn a few thousand initial online viewers into many thousands? I have no idea of the format, but hopefully CBS has thought of ways to make their Internet simulcast news interactive! For example, they could use real time pop-up windows, a side/bottom window/bar, or some other means, to let us view or even link to background information, video clips, previous or conflicting news reports on the topic, links to the companies or persons or regions involved. How about accepting real time commenting – why not send CBS instant feed back on the story, what we think, like, dislike or what else we want to know about the topic?

And why not go interactive with the commercials too? Is CBS going to just rebroadcast the same commercials to the internet audience? I hope not. Technology exists to display different commercials to different regions; certainly different commercials could be delivered to an internet audience during the half an hour? So why not let Advertisers, be they the same as on the television broadcast or not, make special offers – again using pop-ups etc. How about unique commercials geared specifically for the Internet viewers? Something both advertiser and viewer would benefit from.

We will have to wait and see where this historic event goes and what it will lead to. What I do know, is that in addition to the simulcast, CBS will provide the following online:

A complete broadcast may be viewed as an on-demand program any time after the live simulcast;
A weblog to explore daily developments with links to free, exclusive video and contributions from CBS News correspondents. Viewers and readers can offer online comments and questions;
Couric or a CBS News correspondent will host this daily, on-demand web-exclusive, featuring extended interviews with newsmakers. Each segment will be posted on;
Early each weekday afternoon, Couric will offer a web-exclusive rundown on-camera from the newsroom, a first look at stories being considered for coverage on that night’s CBS Evening News (not all stories make it onto the final broadcast)
A one-minute look into a top story or issue by Couric will be available as an audio and video podcast and on iTunes.

Hopefully CBS will use its foresight when they present the first ever live Internet simulcast of network evening news broadcast and also make it an interactive experience. Cable companies have tried to various degrees to bring the internet to the TV. It makes perfect sense for TV Networks, providers of the content to not only bypass the current method of distribution but also to reach another group of viewers with their content.

No doubt it will be interesting to see what transpires and if CBS has foreseen the value and potential not only for itself, but also for Internet users and Internet Marketers.
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