I received the following query today…


Greg, I am attending the Nov 13/06, 5 day SEO training seminar in Oakville, so I assume you (or Barry) will be touching on this then… But something in your last [Free SEO Tip of the Day] email caught my eye.

“Not that you want to use tables…”

Are tables bad for SEO? I am curious because we’re still relying quite heavily on tables. We are coming up to speed on CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] though – is that the better way to go?


Yes, we will be dealing with this at the November SEO Workshop, and yes again, CSS is the way to go.

Google is pretty good at figuring out tables now but other Search Engines are still lagging behind.

Tables put a bunch of ugly unnecessary code on your pages that the Bots can get trapped in. Bots have allot of work to do, if they find out that they get stuck is an endless loop when they go onto a page, they may no longer visit the page so the information will not be indexed.

CSS takes away that “garbage” code (and so much other code) so the Search Engines can read your important text quickly, easily and trouble free. That’s how we all like to work right?

I look forward to seeing you in Oakville, and am glad to hear that you are enjoying the Tips!


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