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Web Design with Integrated SEO & (Internet Marketing Web Page Ranking or Placement) are Increasingly Sought After, and its About Time

Doesn’t it make sense that increasing targeted traffic to your web pages is fundamental to success in marketing online and should be a key component of any design or redesign efforts?

In the past we have not really promoted the designing of websites, but since these days we are being approached by many companies that are not happy with the results from websites other firms have built, we felt it was time we put web development more in the forefront.

Preferably SEO and other Internet marketing considerations should be included at the outset.

It should ideally included after the initial planning or wire-frames, certainly in the earliest strategy sessions. Doing so will decrease the time and effort involved in having to redo/fix some of what’s already been done to “SEO the site” after the fact.

Unfortunately in Web Design this is often not the case.

However it is never too late to add or enhance the “find-ability” of web pages on search engines. This is definitely a case of better late than never as in fact even well established websites can benefit greatly from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by experts.

Communication is a two way street and boy is it ever important in Web Design.

As you consider a your web design project big or small, please keep in mind that you can probably profit through SEO Education at our Academy.

We encourage our web clients follow one or more of the 3 SEO Training options that makes the most sense for them: 1-Day Executive Masters’ in SEO Seminar, 2-Day Basic SEO Essentials Workshop, or 3-Day Advanced SEO Mastery Workshop, which we find greatly helps the client realize what we as a web design company & SEO firm needs from them, in order to best provide them with the highest quality of work and results possible.

So even if you are handling the web design in-house or outsourcing it to another firm you may still want to consider following one or more of our courses, and/or perhaps someone in your firm would benefit as well.