SEO Seminar “The A to Z of SEO in 1 Day in Montreal”
or the “Executive Masters’ in SEO”

Next date: June 20, 2016 8:50 AM – 4:50 PM
Early Bird Registration Ending Soon

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This in-depth 1-Day SEO or Search Engine Optimization Seminar covers all the essential topics you need found in our hands-on 5-Day Complete SEO Mastery Workshop, without technical training which you don’t need.

New to SEO?
No problem you will start the day off with the very Basics of Digital Marketing. Then by day’s end you will also be at ease the Advanced SEO Concepts.

Why take Months trying to Learn Online or from Books?
This Masters’ in SEO Certificate will get you in the Game Fast!

Time to Refresh Your Internet Marketing Knowledge?
Get up to date on all the most recent changes by Google

Need to Update your Resume?
This day is the ideal way to set yourself apart with sought after knowledge you just can’t get anywhere else

“When I initially signed up for the SEO course in Montreal, I was somewhat reluctant but I knew I had to become more knowledgeable in regards to my company website because as we all know, technology changes quickly. I didn’t realize at the time that I was about to meet a real life SEO Ninja!…”
Don Richards, President La Guitar Music School of Moncton NB
Seating is Limited – *Early Bird special ends without notice

If you have a question about the classes, registration or to get on the waiting list simply email Greg or call 514-426-4000 in Montreal

1-Day Executive Masters in SEO Seminar & Certificate

  • $590
  • $490 Early Bird Special
  • JUN 20, 2016
  • Maximum Class Size: 15 persons


Focus: Stress free overview of Internet marketing from to Basic & Advanced Topics

Registration 8:50 AM


  • SEO Basics – the Fundamentals – this important 1 hour session is the bedrock upon which we will continue to build upon all day:
    • What is SEO?
    • Organic Search Results Vs Paid Search Ads
    • How Search Engines work
    • Web Spam and how it can harm you
    • What is White, Grey and Black Hat SEO? Which should you be?
    • Has SEO really changed since the last major Google updates?
  • What are Keywords and how to use them
  • What is Web Content & what type works best
  • How to Effectively Optimize a web page
  • How to Drastically Improve the number of clicks to your pages

Lunch Break


    • The Advanced topics:
    • How to get Meaningful reports from the Web Guys
    • Using Search Engine’s & Artificial Intelligence to your advantage
    • What are links and what is their importance
    • Blogging and the benefits of doing it right
    • Creativity in Web Marketing
    • Social Media & SEO

Some Benefits of this Comprehensive One Day Executive Training Seminar – Geared for the Busy Executive:

  • For the Business Owner, Marketing Professional, Corporate Executive, Engineer or CPA
  • A no nonsense session covering all the SEO Fundamentals and all the Advanced Topics
  • You will walk away with a Proven Step-by-Step Acton Plan of SEO Implementation
  • You will finally become involved in the Marketing of your website
  • With your new SEO knowledge communicate with ease and authority
  • The person that needs to know the ins and outs of SEO to be able to
  • Protect your firm, if someone is hired who does not knowing what they are doing it could have seriously negative effects
  • Time is money – we won’t waste any of yours

This is an SEO Marketing Seminar with a distinct advantage, seating is limited so you are able to ask questions.

SEO Training Seminars are held roughly every 2 months, so take advantage of the opportunity to set yourself apart as soon as you can.

Why SEO & Why Internet Marketing?

  • With proper SEO knowledge
  • your website can be found on the 1st Page of the Search Engines’ Search Result Pages
  • for your Key Terms
  • Increasing your Targeted Traffic and your Profitability
  • But only if your website content appeals to your target market
  • and is clearly accessible to search engine spiders
Photo of Christine & 3 collegues from Le Club West Island with certificates after seminar

February 2014 I had the opportunity to do the 1 Day Executive Masters’ in SEO Seminar with Greg Mate from Search Engine Academy in August of 2013 that was an insightful and interesting.

Greg has a relaxed and humorous teaching style that made the day fly by yet still managed to communicate a wealth of information.

I felt my time was well spent and I encourage anyone considering this type of training to consult Greg.

I continue to reference my notes and handouts from the Seminar when working on our website and social media to date.

Christine Walker
Directrice générale
Le Club West Island