Project Description

Video Testimonial Lester Mautostore about 5 Day Complete SEO Mastery Workshop

Was the training worth the time and money?

Lester: “NO, technically it should cost more, its allot of information we are going to take back.” (Lester and a colleague traveled from the Caribbean to Montreal to attend the training)

Was the handout material helpful and complete?

Lester: [Lester laughs and holds up the 3″ 3 ring binder 3/4s full of papers he received containing the slides from the presentations during the week, it is plastered with post it notes] “You tell me” [he rotates the binder to show the size] “look at it, look at how thick it is, 5 days”.

What did you think of the teaching style?

Lester: “It was very good, a very relaxed environment”

Do you now have the skills to succeed?

Lester: “Yes most definitely we now have everything we need to get it done”

In hindsight would you take this course again?

Lester: “Yes in fact we intent to bring everybody back to do the course one more time”

And six months later Lester had me (Greg Mate) travel to the Caribbean to teach 4 of his employees in a customized SEO training Workshop