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Video – SEO Training Student Testimonials Search Engine Academy – Part 1

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What did you think of the Workshop?

Ida: It was excellent and I am coming from a completely different field, Real Estate, I didn’t think I could ever learn this much about positioning a website, I am really glad I came, and I am sure my broker who sent me will be really glad I came too as well be number 1 soon.
Carlos: The Workshop was great you learned allot – more than you expected – and doing the 5 day course is very helpful.

Darcia: I thought the workshop was great, it was really informative and I really liked the teaching style, it was a very easy manner.

What did you think of the small class size?

Darcia: I LOVED the small class size, I was really worried when I was first reading about the class that it was going to be a large classroom of allot of people elbow to elbow and I wouldn’t have a chance to ask questions, and I was really impressed when I came in and I saw the small class that I would be working with.
Ida: That was excellent because you got to interact and learn from each other, I am actually also in training and a small group size always works the best.

Carlos: Small group size was excellent because you actually work hands on with the groups, the smaller groups and learned together.

How much did you learn?

Darcia: I learned too much (laughing) no I learned allot. I learned more than I expected to learn.
I loved how we started at a very simplistic base and then worked our way up to more and more complicated, and by then end of it you couldn’t believe you actually learned that much, you know whereas if we had started at the very beginning with this huge amount of technical information, I never would have been able to follow along.

I was really impressed with how much we learned, at the pace that I learned it at.

Ida: An awful lot (laughing) I will be dreaming about it for a few days still.