May 6, 2011

Why would Search Engines want to promote High Quality, Original Content in their Organic Search Result Pages?

Because that is what we Humans want high quality content too.
Google is so uptight about this that it will penalize your whole site if it contains some poor content on some of your pages “…low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings….”

However with our SEO Training the rankings of the our graduates’ websites (and websites we design and consult on) continue to bring in targeted traffic as the Search Engines like Google make over 400 changes (“500” planned this year) some major like the Panda update & the rest mostly minor tweaks, to its algorithms each year.

So spend your time doing research to find out what your visitors are interested in and “be sure to provide high quality content” many of you have heard this more that than a few times in our workshops, I hope you were listening!

Link to the original Google page of May 6/2011 from the Google Webmaster tools