Warrilow & CO listed the Entrepreneurs Top 3 Fears as:

1. Fear of not marketing effectively (38%)

2. Fear of never being able to retire (33%)

3. Fear that they are not staying abreast of new technology (20%)

wrote Rick Spense for The Financial Post appearing in the Montreal Gazette today.

Lets face it, its as fast a paced world as ever, and knowledge is king. Fear number 3 (behind on new technology) can effect Fear 1 (lack of marketing prowess) and of course both fears have an effect on Fear #2, the ability to retire, early or at all, and comfortably or even more than comfortably 🙂

Amongst other things, Spense correctly points out that tracking results from marketing is imperative and of course farely easily accomplished electronically. Forgive my Yellow Pages Advertising Agency background but phone call counting services are great for tracking online and offline results as well.

SEO is of course technology that can help eliminate Fears 1 and 2, and there need not be any fear involved. Simply participate in any of the Certified  1, 2, 3 and 5 Day SEO Workshops where you will learn the Basic Essentials of SEO right up to the most Advanced SEO Techniques and quash those fears with Increased Web Site Traffic by attaining higher Search Results Rankings.

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