Well as of March you were right, by a whisker – can you call a million visitors a whisker?

ComScore Inc. claims that for the first time (in March 2007) Google surpassed Microsoft Corp. to become the owner of the world’s most-visited group of Web sites.

In March Google’s worldwide sites saw 528 million visitors, Microsoft had 527 million, while Yahoo had 476.3 million, and 4th was Time Warner Inc. with 272 million visitors.

Compared to a year ago: Google’s sites grew 13%, Microsoft’s sites 4% and Yahoo’s sites increased 1%, while Time Warner Inc. managed a 21% gain.

Of course Google’s is growth is spurred through acquisition. Growth through acquisition is often how companies grow in mature markets. We know the internet is by no means there yet, so just imagine what Google’s appetite will be like when it is…