Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Wednesday, January 31 2007

Last night at a Yahoo! Canada event in Toronto, Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada announced (along with their new YSM – Panama – platform in Canada) that they are sponsoring two Search Engine Academy seminars.

The 3 hour seminars – a morning and afternoon session – will be held in Toronto in mid February.

Yahoo ! Canada announced their mission to help grow the Search landscape in Canada. One way they believe they can achieve this is through a highly educated clientele. Their announcement last night was a major step in that direction, by helping to provide that education through the Search Engine Academy Toronto.

We are thrilled to have the privilege of working with Yahoo! Canada and we are looking forward to providing their clients with search engine marketing guidance designed to grow their businesses.

The event was attended by Advertisers, Ad Agencies, Search Marketing (PPC) Specialists, SEOs and (last but not least) Educators.

The photo from last night’s event – I know, keep my day job – is of National Director Yahoo Search Marketing Canada, Martin Byrne, detailing the current Search Landscape in Canada.

Have a great day!

Barry and Greg