Levels The Playing Field – Always wanted to take on the big boys/girls?  Any business can use Pay Per Click (PPC) and be set up in 15 minutes or in a few days, depending on the search engine. It’s easy to set up and just as simple to turn off.

Control – Yes, for all you control freaks out there, search engine marketing is your ultimate weapon of choice. Search engines provide you with a wealth of options to narrow down or expand your target audience, your budget and even your ad content.

Return On Investment (ROI)- Tired of guessing if your advertising dollars are bringing in your desired ROI? Tracking your ad campaigns has never been easier with the analytic tools that search engines provide for you. In addition, there are numerous third party measuring tools available.

Fun! – Did I say that out loud? Getting interactive with customers that are actively seeking your product or services is a major rush. Once you discover their behaviorial patterns and begin to develop relevant content to quench their thirst, start bringing a sleeping bag to work!