Just before the New Year a head-hunter representing one of Canada’s major ad agencies called me looking for 15 of our Search Engine Academy SEO Workshop graduates to work in Montreal.

Already this year, another firm told us they are having a hard time to find qualified individuals to work in Toronto.

As suppliers of High Quality Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Training in Montreal and Toronto (we’ve also taught people from Calgary, Winnipeg, the U.S. and England so far) this is good news! For our current and futures graduates it is good news too.

It is even good news for employers currently having trouble finding enough qualified candidates. Why? Because the Canadian Market is finally waking up to the need to add Search to its marketing efforts. Our experience shows that Canadian business has been lagging behind the US in Search, and a new market means money is invested to spend on people and advertising!

Make sure you or your company is positioned to take advantage of the imminent explosion. Don’t forget to train yourself, after all you must effectively hire an agency or employee(s). Ensure your agency is well trained and train your employees if needed.

Have a great day,