Here are brief descriptions and links to articles:

12 GOOD Reasons to Sign Up for the Free SEO Tip of the Day : Why you should accept the Search Engine offer to send you a brief daily email containing SEO and SEM techniques tips.

No Google for You! (Without SEO Training) : A Dentist learns what common mistakes were made in his Web site design and some solutions his site developer followed (surely Jerry Sinfeld has read this one).

Small Business Marketing Tips : The title says it all, apply these to your business as part of a winning marketing strategy.

Workshops: Why can you learn more and faster than at a Seminar? : This author details how Seminars and Workshops differ in format and in results.

Turbo Charge Your Web Site – Barry Byers discusses how taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization can effect business large and small : 55% of Canadian businesses have a website, this interview looks at what internet marketing can do to finally make them profitable.

CBS EVENING NEWS Offers Lessons in Internet Marketing Outside the Box : Will the “Katie Couric Experience” change the way the Internet and TV coexist today and in the future?

Keyword research – How To Shift Your Focus to Employ a More Lateral Thinking Approach : Rather than look at Keyword research as dry hard work, by broadening your thinking style, you can open avenues which relate to a topic which relates to a second topic which relates to a third topic which relates directly to your target audience.