If you are still hesitating about attending our next workshop; Get With The Program!

SEO is not going anywhere. In fact , I believe all media will eventually be search driven. Media companies who want to remain at the forefront of their industries will embrace search in all its formats. They will need your SEO skills.

SEO may very well play out to be a standardized commodity. That will only increase demand for employees with SEO skills, especially those of you who have established themselves.

Our yellow page background provides Greg and I with a unique perspective on SEO. We have watched yellow page publishers fumble through a few years of a difficult transition to the internet due to the lack of a qualified talent pool to draw from. Today, they digitize their online print ads so you can search the ads by keyword as well as by heading.

We are as close to the tipping point as it gets. Whether you want to add a skill set, start your own SEO business or keep up on the latest seo trends, pull the trigger…you will only become more valuable with time.