The Search Engine Academy Montreal SEO Training Facility Location, Logistics & Lodging Suggestions.

WORKSHOP INFORMATION – Stress Free Learning Zone

The seminars and workshops are a relaxed yet focused environment.

The seminars and workshops are a relaxed yet focused environment.

Everyone shares, learns, has fun and often become longtime friends and or colleagues.

We have the benefit of everyone in the classes being adults that are interested and motivated by the topic, so teaching and working with groups of people like that is a real pleasure.

The dress code is casual, slacks, skirts, jeans, shorts is all fine.

Break times, prior to class in the morning & 2 breaks per day there is always snacks, a choice of coffee, tea & filtered water.

NEW Lunch ($30 max per meal including tax and tip) is included with Workshops & Seminars unless otherwise indicated and may be at a local restaurant or onsite in the classroom, at the discretion of the Instructor.

Generally we dine as a group, if you have other plans at lunch time you are free to go on your own at your own expense but must return in time to continue the training.

Meals other than lunch are not included in the cost.

Downtown Montreal Training Location Google Map

LODGING INFORMATION – List of a few Downtown Montreal Hotels

30-45 min drive to the Montreal Search Engine SEO Academy Training Centre